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Autodesk Inventor Certified Professional (ACP) Exam Preparation + Exam Voucher With Retake

This product includes Autodesk Inventor Certified Professional (ACP) Exam Preparation + one exam voucher with a retake.
Exam preparation is one-to-one training that takes 12 hours. It ensures participants to complete the exam successfully by practising real exam materials.

For those who possess advanced Autodesk skills and can solve complex workflow and design challenges, Autodesk Certified Professional certification is the must-have career tool. Certification at this level is a great way to demonstrate the skills needed to stand out from the competition and succeed in career advancement.

Please click to see the Exam Objectives.


In case you do not pass the exam, a retake option will be provided to you so you may re-take the exam when you are ready.

Category: Autodesk

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