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Manufacturing Process Integration

Sync effortlessly reads manufacturing processes from your chosen ERP database location and allows you to add them to models. By setting specific rules, you can eliminate errors in the sequencing of manufacturing processes. Use the manufacturing process tool to bridge the gap between design and production seamlessly.

Raw Material Integration

Just like with manufacturing processes, Sync reads raw materials without 3D designs from your chosen ERP database location and allows you to integrate them into the models. By linking manufacturing processes with raw materials, you can automate the addition of one when the other is added. You also can create a custom material library using raw materials directly from your database.

Rule-Based Part Number Generation

Save time by creating custom rules to automatically generate part numbers based on model material, manufacturing process, model features, parameters, iProperties, and more. Prevent errors in part number generation with seamless ERP database integration. Contact us to transform your existing part number system into a more efficient one.

 Bidirectional BOM Synchronization

Streamline your workflows by automatically pushing your Bill of Materials (BOM) from Autodesk Inventor to your ERP system. With Codeo Sync, you'll eliminate data entry errors and save valuable time, allowing your team to focus on what matters most.

Universal ERP Compatibility

Sync can seamlessly work with any ERP software. Depending on your ERP system, the integration process is completed within 20-30 business days. At the end of this period, you will have a flawless integrator, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

​How It Works

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