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Codeo Solutions


Design and build digital twins use advanced simulation and visualization to create virtual models of buildings or infrastructure projects, facilitating collaboration, identifying and mitigating issues, improving planning and coordination, and enabling better decision-making. This technology also enhances asset management throughout the project lifecycle, ultimately leading to better outcomes in the physical world.


Digital twin solutions for training use immersive simulations of real-world scenarios, enhanced by virtual and augmented reality, to provide effective and engaging training experiences that improve information retention and safety outcomes for workers. These solutions allow for frequent and flexible training sessions, reducing the need for costly in-person events. By practicing skills in a realistic, risk-free environment, workers build confidence and competence, and valuable data and analytics enable continuous improvement and optimization of training programs.



Digital twin solutions for simulation emulate real-world assets and processes in a virtual environment, identifying issues and areas for improvement, facilitating better decision-making and risk management, and enabling efficient planning and optimization of operations. These solutions also enhance alignment between teams and stakeholders, anticipate future changes and challenges, and evaluate options for new investments or initiatives. By leveraging digital twin simulation solutions, organizations can ensure resilience and adaptability, reduce the likelihood of costly mistakes, and achieve optimal outcomes.




Digital twin solutions for sales and marketing provide interactive and immersive 3D shopping experiences that enhance customer engagement and conversion by allowing customers to visualize and customize products in a virtual environment. These solutions increase confidence and satisfaction with purchase decisions, provide valuable customer insights and data, and create memorable customer experiences that build brand loyalty and advocacy. Digital twin sales and marketing solutions also save time and resources by reducing the need for physical product samples or showroom displays.



Digital twin solutions for operations provide real-time visibility and control over large-scale infrastructure, facilities, and manufacturing plants, reducing costs and improving performance. These solutions leverage advanced analytics and machine learning to identify and resolve issues before they impact operations, optimize resource utilization, and provide data-driven insights into asset performance and utilization. Digital twin operations solutions enable informed decisions about investments and upgrades, facilitate collaboration and communication between teams and stakeholders, and improve coordination and alignment around operational goals.

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