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Step 1

Intelligent Manufacturing Process Integration

Codeo Sync effortlessly reads and interprets defined manufacturing processes from your ERP database, integrating them directly into your 3D designs. This powerful feature allows for seamless collaboration between your design and manufacturing teams, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Step 2

Raw Material Code Integration 

Simplify material management by adding raw material codes from your ERP database directly to your 3D designs. This feature eliminates the need for manual input and ensures consistency across your organization

Step 3

Dynamic Part and Stock Number Generation

Create custom rules to automatically generate component Part Numbers and Stock Numbers based on model material, manufacturing process, model features, parameters, iProperties, AttributeSets, and more. With Codeo Sync, you'll maintain a systematic and organized approach to tracking and managing your inventory.

Step 4

Automatic BOM Synchronization

Streamline your workflows by automatically pushing your Bill of Materials (BOM) from Autodesk Inventor to your ERP system. With Codeo Sync, you'll eliminate data entry errors and save valuable time, allowing your team to focus on what matters most.

Step 5

Universal ERP Compatibility

Codeo Sync is designed to work seamlessly with any ERP software, ensuring that no matter which system you're using, you'll enjoy a smooth and efficient integration experience.

​How It Works

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