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Codeo Solutions

​Unleash Your Imagination in a Whole New Dimensions



What are the Features


Import the Design

 Simplifies the process of importing 3D designs into a virtual environment for an immersive experience. It offers a user-friendly interface for modifying and showcasing designs in real-time, enabling designers, architects, engineers, and hobbyists to elevate their creativity and transform the way they work.


Create Safe Zones and UCS

In order to ensure that 3D objects within the virtual environment do not intersect or overlap, users of Codeo VR Studio are required to define the top face and back face of their designs, as well as a safe zone where objects can be placed without any risk of collision. By setting these rules, designers can create a more realistic and accurate representation of their designs within the virtual world, enhancing the overall immersive experience.


Design Your World

Once users have imported their 3D objects into the VR environment, they can begin designing the virtual space around them. This includes adding additional objects, textures, lighting, and other elements to create a realistic and engaging environment. With the ability to manipulate objects in real-time and see the results immediately, users can easily experiment with different design ideas and configurations, resulting in a truly customized virtual environment that perfectly showcases their 3D designs.


Show Your Project in VR or PC

After completing the virtual environment design process, users can export their scene and share it with customers, who can then easily download and load the scene within our VR application to experience a realistic and immersive representation of the design. Codeo VR Studio allows users to showcase their designs in a fully interactive and customizable virtual environment, giving customers a truly immersive experience that accurately represents the design in real life.

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