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Validate your advanced proficiency in Unity programming in any industry, and show the world that your technical skills and applied knowledge are top-tier.

For seasoned programmers

The Professional: Programmer certification exam is targeted at experienced programmers who have been working for more than five years in positions such as Gameplay Programmer, Game Engineer, Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, Mobile Application Developer, Tools Programmer, AI Programmer, AR/VR/MR/XR Developer, and DOTS Programmer.

To pass this exam, you will need to demonstrate your ability to apply the knowledge gained through on-the-job experience in actual project situations to solve specific scenarios. The test evaluates your analytical skills, attention to detail, critical thinking skills, and your extensive knowledge of Unity.


  • Experience working with a team of programmers

  • 5+ years of relevant professional programming experience 

  • Proficiency in Unity 2019 LTS or later

  • Expertise implementing the technical aspects of design documents

  • Ability to architect solutions at various stages of development

  • Knowledge of advanced techniques to build and customize solutions for complex requirements

  • Ability to identify the root cause of complex problems and solve them using sustainable solutions

  • Experience reviewing and evaluating code for clarity, structure, quality and accuracy

  • Up to date on industry trends and emerging technology 

Technical feasibility and planning

  • Determining pre-project technical capabilities

  • Analyzing project scope

  • Applying technical documentation specifications to a project

  • Determining the necessary architecture for a project


  • Evaluating code for quality assurance

  • Analyzing the code’s long-term sustainability

  • Recommending systems for development

  • Using mathematics, programming patterns, algorithms, and structures

  • Understanding how data-oriented design is used in Unity


  • Analyzing a project workflow to determine what custom Editor extensions are needed

  • Assessing a project to determine what improvements should be made to the pipeline

What's on the exam ?

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