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Take your career to the next level by validating your programming skills and signaling to employers that you’re ready for your next professional challenge.

Designed for professional developers

The Professional: Programmer certification exam is aimed at individuals holding job titles like Unity Developer, Software Engineer, Software Developer, Mobile Application Developer, and Gameplay Programmer.

The exam evaluates fundamental abilities that are crucial to contributing to a project's technical execution from its inception to post-launch, emphasizing your capability to write code solutions for complex issues. It also showcases your proficiency in scripting user interactions, implementing application state logic, simulating physics, debugging code, and improving performance, displaying your professional-level expertise to potential employers.


  • 2+ years of practical experience in game or 3D interactive programming using Unity

  • 2+ years of practical experience in computer programming, including C#

  • Experience in the full software development lifecycle, from concept through completion

  • Understanding of professional applications for software development with Unity, including game development, interactive entertainment, and design visualization

  • Basic understanding of the visual/3D asset and animation pipeline in Unity, including character and environment setups

  • Understanding of professional team software development practices, including unit testing and version control

  • Knowledge of Unity Services for collaboration, monetization, live operations and multiplayer

  • Understanding of mathematics critical to 3D interactive development, including linear algebra and matrix operations


What’s on the exam?

You can expect to see questions across these topics:

  • Programming core interactions

  • Working in the art pipeline

  • Developing application systems

  • Programming for scene and environment design

  • Optimization of performance and platforms

  • Working in software development teams

  • Common C# programming constructs (New for 2022 exam)

  • The Programmer exam has been updated to reflect the latest version of Unity 2020 LTS.

Exam Details

This exam is available in the following languages. 

  • Chinese, Simplified

  • Chinese, Traditional

  • English, English (2020 LTS)

  • French

  • Japanese

  • Korean

  • Portuguese, Brazilian

  • Russian

  • Spanish, Latin American

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